What is this Ashiatsu???

So you might have heard from a friend or you have seen a video of someone having a massage with therapist standing on their back. At first it may look strange if you have never before experienced barefoot massage. And you have to admit, it also looks like it feels...

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Dealing with post workout pain

Back to gym and sore! The New Year has arrived so again we rush with fulfilling our resolutions, getting back to diet, signing up to gym and promising ourselves we are going to be ever so good this year…:) For gyms in particular must be a “Christmas...

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Garden Retreat is ready!

Some dreams take longer to build… but they are well worth waiting for! After rather lengthy four months, with a few ups and downs, my old, spider- clad shed has been transformed into truly tranquil and relaxing space! Under a huge tree, away from it all, I have...

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