Balinese Massage is one of the traditional Indonesian massages coming from beautiful island of Bali and as with any massage, the main goals is to achieve relaxed state of mind and relaxed body. The Balinese believe that in order to achieve true relaxation, good flow of blood and oxygen throughout your system has to be ensured.

This style of massage employs a variety of techniques including acupressure,Thai massage stretches, reflexology and aromatherapy all in one session. It’s not a delicate massage and can be felt deep in your muscles so it works especially well on achy joints and muscle strains.

After a Balinese Massage you can complete the treatment with luxurious hot oil scrub with Epsom salts, which are left for few minutes so your skin can absorb all the benefits and leave you totally relaxed.

Balinese Massage Prices

60min £55  (Members £50)
90min £80  (Members £75)

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