What is this Ashiatsu???

So you might have heard from a friend or you have seen a video of someone having a massage DSC_8166with therapist standing on their back. At first it may look strange if you have never before experienced barefoot massage. And you have to admit, it also looks like it feels amazing!

If you ever walk out of your Deep Tissue massage session feeling slightly disappointed about the pressure, as it just didn’t not feel deep enough… Well then, Ashiatsu BareSole Massage may be just what you are looking for!

As a massage therapist I know my limitations of strength when applying pressure with my hands. Therefore I’ve been looking for a technique that can deliver more feel good pressure without exhausting myself:) I remember receiving my first barefoot massage about 15 years ago on holiday to India. It was Chavutti Thirumal, the original therapy, from which Ashiatsu has developed. I recall lying on a thin floor mat, slathered in oils and barely covered. That perhaps wasn’t five star spa, although had good name in the area. My therapist was using a single vertical rope suspended from the sealing to which she held herself for balance while applying strokes with her foot. The feet felt like a big hand and even better as with bigger surface, the pressure executed did not feel painful as it sometimes does during classic massage.

I have self trained in barefoot massage in 2013 and developed the techniques to my own set up. First performed all my treatments on the floor mat ( much more comfortable than the one I had my first experience on:) Instead of the vertical rope, I have been using two parallel ropes going over my head, which allowed me to work with both of my feet, have better balance and apply more of the much needed pressure! Since opening my Garden Retreat I have started doing the Ashiatsu BareSole Massage on the massage table, which probably ads to clients comfort.

I offer varied sessions from 60 to 120min. It’s usually full body treatment just like classic massage, however if you prefer to have just upper body massage that’s ok, I can customise the session just like with my other treatments. I can concentrate on working the issues you mention at a consultation prior to treatment. Expect to feel very relaxed, as with working deeply it’s not energetic technique. I work slow to allow your body take time and release those overworked muscles. Working fast and deep is just painful and it defeats the subject as you will tense even more.

During those years of performing Ashiatsu BareSole massage I had many wonderful feedback from my clients regarding the benefits as they go well beyond simple relaxation! I love the technique as it feels good, delivers great results and gives my hands a rest although it’s a workout in itself, imagine all this balancing!:)

DSC_3143As with every therapy, Ashiatsu is not for everyone. People who had recent surgery, implants, suffering with osteoporosis, high blood pressure would not be suitable for the treatment due to deep pressure applied. Contact me before your first visit for the full list of contraindications.

If you do love deep pressure massage, but not keen on elbow work ( and sometimes the bruising next day!), if you suffering with aches and pains in your back due to poor posture, tightness or perhaps would like to recover faster after your training, then give Ashiatsu a go!

If you are a massage therapist yourself and would like to find out more about upcoming training courses for Ashiatsu BareSole Massage just drop me an email with your questions.

Visit my website to book an appointment and let your back be heeled!:)